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1 - Backup automatically all of your computers online into a secure encrypted vault. Your data is 100% secure and protected!
2 - Briefcase Sync files online and across all your computers. Share files easily and access from any PC or Mac computer any time. 
3 - Business Backup and professional file sharing for the whole team. Ideal for small business networks. 

1 - Backup

Öryggisafrit er grunnþjónusta fyrir eina tölvu þegar ekki þarf  að aðgang að gögnum annarsstaðar.

   2 - Briefcase

Briefcase is a personal storage space for your files and comes with up to 2TB of space!
Its synced between all of your PCs and Macs and is accessible from anywhere online or on your mobile

3 - Business

Business powerful backup, collaboration and clever sharing features for your company.

Unlimited data storage
Backup everything in your computer

Fast, secure & easy
Automatic and does not disturb

You data always available 
in your private data vault

100% security
Encryption and several backups

Unlimited backup for up to 5 computers and smartphones

Comes with 512GB storage that can be increased to 2TB

Synchronize all your computers and smartphones with your Livedrive

You can work with the same files on PC and Mac computers

Use it from any smartphone
Photos and music on the go

You can share selected files and photos, music and videos
Send to Facebook instantly and keep a copy in a safe place

Access with the Livedrive tool, FTP, SFTP og Webdav

Work with Office documents from any browser without Microsoft Office installed 

Regular and automatic backup on all company computers, laptops and servers

Give all employees their own cloud storage space

Team members can easily and securely work with the same data

Files are accessible to authorized users from anywhere in the world

100% security with military grade encryption

Easy install and simple to use

Complete central administrator control

Customized file sharing portal with company logo for employees and customers to access information, documentation, photos and videos. 

Perfect for small companies
From $3.30 pr. month
Unlimited storage
 From $9.95 pr. month
Unlimited storage for backup
+ 512GB Briefcase - Expandable to í 2TB
From $26.65 pr. month
1TB Storage - Expandable to 10TB
1 User - Expandable to 10 users

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